Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Loser National Video team, High School Special ED awards, and introduction to occupations TSP exam and more

I have to say we must commend Patrick Scott Patterson on his award winning Journalism in High School after all it does take talent to be such when you win the Valedictorian award in Special Education and short bus school.

I always found it amazing that a person who calls himself an award winning Journalist, that consistently writes false information, and has more spelling errors and punctuation issues than any editor could ever endure or accept.

I mean Patrick's CRT for reading and writing using words like noted, note, pathetic, checked in, choose, and Hell over and over again in the same sentences and of course paragraphs, that alone would kill any exam score, they call that run sentences and of course repeat words, in which will fail an essay.

I mean the exception in TSP and Fragile Special Education programs make exceptions to a point.

In other news the Loooser national video game team must be quite proud these days after all they lost curvy Carrie Sedwicki because she had a better deal and things to do, and gained Lonnie the one game let me roll over every machine of the same game in America Joust dirty wings player of the century!!!!!!

It takes such talent to play one game and roll it over and over again, it must be hard being a rich stuck up guy traveling to play ONE game, what a champion, Maybe Rudy should go to each Splatterhouse Machine and get 600k on each or better yet, Rudy should go from house to house and and maximize Home Alone on the NES or or or lets make it POPULAR, Rudy should go get a maxout on Contra every house console he can find and post it live!!!!!

Being a Journalist Major or a Business Major in a a special needs local community college program should be quite noted of merit after all, Patrick was quite a successful Businessman ripping people off and arguing with them when the customer was not satisfied, now one has to question, was his reading comprehension handicapped, or was it that Patrick never majored in anything other than Jockstrap 101 wrestling with gaps his Grill the size of the London Bridge?

 It must be hard trying to be Billy Mitchell uh Patrick, you see first rule you need to have a talent and look, second a personality and 3rd a backing, you have none of the above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like will Rename you Patrick Special Needs Patterson, a 40 plus award winning high school Journalist, (Special Needs Student) Fake Charities when indeed just a money maker fundraiser.......

I think we should also award you the Fowl/Poultry prize for eating and consuming the most fast food and wings 7 days a week, your turkey neck will thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And last lets not forget Child Prodigy who grew up and cheated on Donkey Kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A game that even half wit or mentally challenged people get kill screens on without photo cropping....

Friday, March 17, 2017

Patrick Scott Patterson Narcissistic and self proclaim child prodigy posts are exposed and his hundreds of hours on scores he never cared about

We have now taken a good look here and what we found out is that with this new PUBLIC evidence, we may no longer have to even reveal the private archives due to Patrick Scott Patterson did a great job exposing himself, as early as 2008......

This Hypocrisy is wonderful to see and proves the man he is and it's PUBLIC!!!!!

This was his first blog post to TG and it's so sad you almost feel sorry for the guy!!!

11-6-2008 5:37 am

It's funny, really... I've gone by my middle name of Scott for many years now, but register my full name with all my scores since it matches my intitals from \"back in the day\" when I was the child prodigy who ticked off many teenagers in the arcades by claiming all their high scores. Thanks to Sony happening to call a system by the same intials, it's almost just like it used to be... I'm called by PSP here by a lot of people, just like I was back in 1983.

Response- Spell errors twice of the SAME word Initials and this man calls himself a prodigy?
Child Prodigies finish high school in as little as nine weeks, people that beat all the teenagers in gaming don't have the pathetic resume of score you have Patterson, and you so were not called PSP, so your first blog post is a wonderful fabricated story. I also will note prodigies retire early, they don't live off their wives and govt. Prodigies don't live in short bus housing and they don't brag about themselves, and they sure become doctors, lawyers or really successful businessman.....
In addition they don't lie, cheat and steal and brag all day 18 hours a day on social media!!!!!!!!!

You claim your son is one too ummmm I don't think so

In the meantime, though, I've buried poor Kelly with 15+ hours of game footage and Terence with 12 hours of game footage from me. So far neither has caught up yet...heh. More stuff will be taped tomorrow (Friday is my weekly day off, and where I tape the most) so I may have to give some time to another ref...heh. Maybe I'll fire up this Atari XL and/or this Atari 7800 I just had donated to me soon.

Response- so as a ref or in between for high scores you never cared about, you put in 27 hours playing all week monday through friday and friday being a day off? and you were such a collector but had to have systems donated to you, if you were such a big time loving gamer and studied it, why didn't you have these basic systems?

Lastly, I've decided to join the crowd and chase some high Donkey Kong scores. When even Saturday Night Live's Will Forte is a ranked DK player with Twin Galaxies (#36th) then I need to get in on this, too.

Response- wait you claimed you barely spoke of this and that you did the KS later to be proven fraud for yourself and here shows you joined the pack, well till you found out you could not hang with real gamers.

Never really \"got into\" DK... always liked it but never devoted any time to it. Time to change that, starting today. Played three games... first two stank... second one landed me at 80,700. Long way to go... lets see how quickly I can improve.

Response- proving you were about to devote time to the game but never cared about high scores ?

 4  days later back to pity life story

 While the cat was away...

Response- you call your wife the Cat?

Spent this past Saturday throwing my kid his 3 year birthday party, and between that and a late-night gaming session while his mom stayed with her parents that night (for a cousin's baby shower the next afternoon) I'm beat. Stayed up until 3am trying to beat an NES record that I suddenly find myself being able to crack... but fall juuuuuuust short of.... and then the kid woke me up Sunday morning at 6:30am, insisting that I open up and set up all his new toys.

Response- Gee Patrick you never cared about scores but were so into beating them and of course failing to be elite you never cared though but spent all night playing to beat scores, DID Pete phone ya in the middle of your sons BD to get the scores rolling in too like you say?

Hey Patrick did your Boss Pate tell ya to use extra lives and cheat?????

I still have not recovered fully sleep-wise.... however, with it appearing to want to rain today, my plans to paint an arcade cabinet in the shop may be put on hold. Barring a lot of customer calls, I may have time go take more shots at the record on this particular NES title.

Response- so you lost sleep over playing high scores but never cared, it was all for Pete and Tape fillers huh????

So far Patrick all you claim is Rudy and others make up stories but clearly your so stupid to forget these posts were public and BURY u and ur claims

4:45 am

But it never hurts ya to brush up on your NES skills 8). I spent more time playing that game system than any other ever, and I have an awful lot of pans on the stove there right now.

Response- so you played all the times till am hours but didn't care about high scores or getting good, you did this for Pete really, either you are delusional or you forgot you made these posts and figured you were surround by dumb tards and found out you could not play with big gamers and sooner quit.

Response-You also said in 2008 you never heard of color dinosaur yet claim to be an expert and studied magazines and gaming and collected since a child prodigy?????? Rudy and every real gamer knew that title on funcoland sheets in 1990s why not you Patrick???? I can say because your a liar fraud but why ?

Response so far we hear you were knew to many systems and games in 2008, but been playing since 1981, I 100% know that is a lie for sure.
You start saying after that shortly you played and know of almost every game, for the NES, despite they were not all avail back than, nor did you have a large collection of these games in 2008, or showing them, like u showed other things.

 11-12-08 4:27 Pm

Mr. Repair savoir and rescue guy posted this mr. opposite  and claims it's a disgrace to throw stuff away or not fix!!!

Well damn.

Recently picked up an Atari 7800. My intention was to dump my 2600 since this system plays both 2600 and 7800 games and save a little space in my entertainment center with the smaller system (especially since I just picked up an Atari 1200XL as well, and may be grabbing an XBox 360 soon and already have almost a dozen systems on this thing)

Response- Did I just read dump????? you were gonna take history and art and collectables and throw it in the trash???? Not Patrick Scott Patterson the savior of our games and history hypocrite, this also proves you didn't know where to get parts or how to repair anything. I mean you have a heart attack if someone wrote this today NOT!!!!!!

Since it had no hookups for it, today I received the power supply I bought online. Power fine... but 2600 games were just giving me and annoying black screen and nothing more. Tried Mario Bros., Warlords, and Combat. No dice. I have no 7800 games as of yet, so I couldn't try them.

Response- so just toss a 1978 machine out instead of rebuilding or donating huh?

More to COME Patrick Scott Patterson cared about scores, sure did not care about preserving systems, history or repairs though, and just by looking up his current status and history this man is no prodigy!!!!!